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Why Expecting Moms Have Different Dental Care Needs

September 9, 2022 / DENTISTRY

As an expectant mother you might be surprised that you require special dental care during your pregnancy. This is because you will experience hormonal changes as well as subtle changes in your lifestyle including your diet. Here is an overview of the special dental care you will require during your pregnancy and why:

Oral care: During your pregnancy your own oral health will actually affect your baby’s oral health following the birth. It is a good idea to set up an appointment with your dentist to discuss your pregnancy and learn more about the recommended changes to your oral care during your pregnancy.

Bleeding gums: Many expectant moms are worried when they develop swollen and bleeding gums during pregnancy. Bleeding gums are a common condition during pregnancy, and it is related to your changing hormones. It is also caused by increased levels of fluid in your body as your pregnancy progresses. Your dentist can provide regular cleanings during your pregnancy as well as offer additional oral care tips if you see changes to your gums.

The first trimester: It is a good idea to schedule your appointment once your pregnancy is confirmed. Your first trimester is ideal as your dentist can look for any changes in your oral and dental health and may even recommend you schedule checkups and cleanings every three months during your pregnancy if any changes are noted.

X-rays and pregnancy: Your dentist will not take x-rays unless you have a specific complaint or an emergency during your pregnancy. However, this is not cause for alarm. The x-rays will be safe and the usual precautions will be taken using a lead apron to protect you and your baby from radiation. Many pain killers and antibiotics are not recommended during pregnancy and identifying potential issues early on will help you avoid a situation in which this could pose an issue.

Morning sickness: For some moms morning sickness can lead to vomiting. Excessive vomiting can introduce stomach acids and further bacteria into your mouth. It is important to rinse after vomiting to remove the acids and other particles from your mouth. However it is not recommended you brush your teeth right away as this can actually brush the acids into your teeth.

If you are expecting a baby, Heritage Dental Care in Milton can provide you with the special care you need during pregnancy. Visit Heritage Dental Care online for more information or call their office at 905-693-0123. You can also email to learn more.

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